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Quality Features

Backup Features


Easy to install
The installation process is self-explanatory. In addition,
DataBackupSpace provides comprehensive documentation for all
user functions.
Stable and proven technology
Unlike traditional backup approach, DataBackupSpace requires
absolutely no human involvement to complete the whole
backup operation, thus ensuring the backup of business
data is always negligence and error free. All important
business data will always be available and accessible when
you want it.
Open file backup
DataBackupSpace can backup files even when they are open,
e.g. AMK can backup your Microsoft Outlook data files even
when you are working with your emails.
In-file delta
Data transfer is minimized by uploading only the files that
have been modified since the last backup.
Instant file recovery
Immediately recover your data from any backup within your
retention period. A simple web interface allows you to
restore your files online from any internet browser on any
Point-in-time restore
DataBackupSpace provides flexible retention policy settings and it allows
you to restore snapshots of the data set as of a particular
point in time.
Scheduled backup
DataBackupSpace provides a very flexible backup scheduler, you can
easily implement your desired backup policy. For instance,
if you want to start running a backup after business hours,
you could start the backup automatically at 8:00PM, and
even if the backup wasn’t completed, you can have it stop
at 8:00AM to leave the internet connection free for office
Secure data storage
Data is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded
over a secure connection and stored on the Backup Server.
Only you can recover files on the system.
Secure user web interface
DataBackupSpace’s web interface allows your customers to
restore their individual backup files from anywhere at
Comprehensive online and email reports
A detailed email will be sent to you confirming each
successful scheduled backup, or alerting you if a backup is
missed. Each email includes information regarding
updated, new, deleted, and moved files in the directories
being backed up, so you can verify your data’s status.